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The Most Important Component of Fitness

You are what you eat. Learn how to make better choices.

Get started with a nutrition program that reflects your goals. Learn how to create a nutrition schedule that works for you, build effective meal plans, and create healthier relationships with your eating habits.

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Learn the What, Why, and How of Nutrition

Your body weight is almost entirely dependent on what and how much you eat. While exercise can be effective for short-term weight changes, what really matters is your long-term nutritional intake.  Whether your goal is fat loss or building muscle, our Fit & Prime nutrition program will show you how to create safe, effective meal plans that help you hit your targets.

Nutrition Courses

Our nutrition program will provide you with the knowledge and training you need to accomplish your health and fitness goals.

The WHAT nutrition

  • What are calories? What are macros?
  • What is calorie counting? What is macro tracking? Do I have to do them??
  • What foods should I eat? What foods should I avoid?
  • What amounts of foods should I eat?
  • What should my meals look like?
  • What should my daily, weekly, monthly nutrition look like?
  • What are the different dieting strategies and what are the pros / cons of each?
  • What are nutrition topics that don’t matter?
  • What’s the difference between eating for fat loss, muscle building, and body recomp?
  • What are the tools I should have in my kitchen to make it easier for me to prepare meals?
  • What are the services available to help me procure food & meals?

The WHY of nutrition

  • Why should I prepare more meals from home?
  • Why is it so hard to change the way we eat?
  • Why do some people lose weight with ease and others fail despite their best efforts?
  • Why is it important to alternate between eating for fat loss, muscle building, and body recomp?

The HOW of Nutrition

  • How to determine calorie targets for fat loss: slow, moderate, and aggressive paces
  • How to determine calorie targets for body recomp and muscle building
  • How to set macro targets for fat loss, muscle building, and body recomp.
  • How to overcome cravings.
  • How to optimize your gut biome
  • How to control your appetite rather than letting it control you

What’s Included

Sample Meal Plans

See examples of how to build plans that reflect your calorie and macro targets.

Create Your Own Meal Plans

Set daily and weekly targets based on your goals and create plans with your favorite foods.

Create Your Nutrition Schedule

Plan your meals for upcoming, days, weeks, and months. Learn how to plan for “Special” days and meals.

Nutrition Journal

Reflect on your habits to identify what’s going well, your struggles, and how to improve.

Take Control of Your Diet and Your Life

Fit & Prime will give you the tools you need to unlock lifelong nutritional success.

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