Total Bodyweight: Down 10 lb total (20+ lb fat loss)
Lean Body Mass: Up 10+ lb

Keith (41)


“Had a work Christmas party… got a lot of compliments on my arms.  It works, you know your stuff very well!”

By adhering to his custom-made plan with 85% consistency over 6+ months, Keith has transformed his body and people are noticing.

His hard work and discipline have resulted in 20+ lb of fat loss and 10+ lb of muscle gain, and he’s only getting started.

By sticking to his plan and giving it enough time, Keith has gotten FIT and is living PRIME!


Goal #1: Nutrition: Keith lost weight while eating MORE food.  He replaced high calorie pub foods with high protein, nutrient dense meals that help build muscle and burn body fat.
Goal #2: Training: Keith focused on getting stronger every week in the gym with weights, while utilizing supplementary at-home workouts with resistance bands and kettlebells on days where he couldn't - or didn't want to - go to the gym.
Goal #3: Sleep: Keith made sleep a priority and stuck to a consistent sleep schedule.  His sleep score went from the 70's to the 90's, allowing him to recover from workouts, increase his energy, and improve his hormone levels - a recipe for muscle building and fat loss.

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